Personal Philosophy

If you peruse through my quotes, movies, music, reading, technology, and other recommendations, you will get a bright and shiny realization of what sort of person I am. My personal philosophy has always been to teach, create, and to broaden horizons. Which means I am constantly entertained. I feel that saying you are bored is equal to not being open, or under a weight of depression.  Oh, and I have been there.

I was raised by two hard working individuals. Being an only child, gladly accepting solitude, but always inviting friends to stick around. I was put through christian school till I was in seventh grade. Later in high school, I became depressed in realization of the truth that I was amerced in. I no longer believed in a man in the sky, and I could find flaws in their religion every step of the way. I no longer trusted people, the government, or myself. I had no interest in a shred of humanity or anything involved. Somehow, someway, I was able to pull myself out of the abyss, after a few crippling years. I realized that my perception needed to be changed, and only I could do that.

My new stance in life has lead me to these new interests.

I now believe that religion is a tool of separation, and an opiate of the masses. It is a distraction tool to steer humanity away from the truth. I believe that we are all connected, and that “god” is the universe. I choose to believe that religion is a myth handed down for generations, distorted, and taken too seriously. “Interesting”, yet not applicable for the current state of the world. Let’s face it, are we going to go around sacrificing our sons or stoning people? Knowledge of the truth makes better “citizens” then antiquated savage myth.

I also believe that a majority of humanity does not question enough. Why are we wrecking this planet, each other, and ourselves? Why do we think we need to be living the lifestyles that we were told to? Why do we create a future generation into the mess that we have perpetually created? We need to fix ourselves, this world, and the way we think.


My personal life shall remain somewhat of a mystery. Although, I will say that I am engaged. I am making wonderful new connections with fantastic people. As well as rekindling my relationship with my returning best friend.  I also have my art in several galleries every couple months. I am constantly doing  different forms of art and studying new topics. I also attend festivals and local events as much as possible. I have had many close family members and pets die in 2015 and 2016. I have been physically and mentally abused in my past (over not believing in christianity). I also survived wanting, and trying to end myself every day for several years. In other words, let’s just say I am strong minded and am continuously growing.